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Wow! Mike and his team reviewed thousands of cases for us over a very short period of time which led to substantial cash back into our business. Mike keeps things extremely simple, with no software to download; just a little elbow grease from some hard working people. We love supporting Win/Win opportunities, and that is exactly what you will find by working with Mike. Don’t let your lost cases expire!

Brett Bartlett

I recently used a service I wanted to let you guys know about, www.ReimburseMeNow.com. The service is run by Mike Bill who has been around the FBA world for a few years now. His service applies for reimbursements owed to you that Amazon never paid. I received thousands in reimbursements that I would have left on the table if not for Mike and his team.

Duane Malek

Fast Turn Radio

I met Mike Bill at eCom Chicago and learned about how his team at ReimburseMeNow is getting thousands of dollars of reimbursements for their clients. During this crazy time of year you don’t want to be spending valuable sourcing time submitting dozens, or even hundreds, of tickets to Amazon SC. Let Mike’s team do it for you for a nominal fee.

Jay Bayne

Scanner Monkey

I’ve known Mike for a little over a year. When he posted about his service, I was more than happy to get on board. The results are almost embarrassing! Mike has recovered more than- wait for it- $9,000 for me!! This just from the past 18 months, mind you! You have absolutely nothing to lose! So don’t wait, get started right now!

Jean Kloker

Anyone here doing all of the processes to make sure you get refunds for all of the silly things that Amazon does with your products via FBA? Mike Bill from www.reimbursemenow.com (the guy that Jim Cockrum mentioned in an email a while ago) has been getting people a bunch of reimbursements that they didn’t know they were entitled to. Worth checking out if you aren’t currently doing all of the reimbursement processes. Seems better than letting Amazon keep your money lol…

Dean Soto

All my reselling friends….if your not using a reimbursement service your missing out! Within 2 days they found me 524.53 just hanging out! Thanks….

Paul N Ash Beagle

I’ve used other companies (3 to be exact) and NEVER got this much money back from Amazon! I have received THOUSANDS of dollars in less than two weeks since using Mike’s service! Sign up now and Get Your Money Back!

Becki Cornwell

Mike did a great job putting the money back in my pocket that Amazon owed to me. I have been saying for months that I will get to that but never did. I just wish I would’ve found Mike sooner. Thanks Mike!!

Tina Brass

Mike was outstanding to work with. He was able to get me a reimbursement of over $2.000.00. Great money just in time for Q4. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer surprise. It was all so quick and painless. 🙂 Thank you, Mike!

Mary Mickelson

I have always stayed on top of my inventory, opening claims when Amazon failed to reimburse me. So, I was figuring that Mike wouldn’t really be able to help me much. However, the money started coming in within days, and he was able to find over $2,000 that they owed me! I am so glad that I took this risk-free chance!

Larry Pruett

Hey guys just wanna take a min to say the service reimburse me now is second to none. I was blown away from the money I got back. mike was able to get me back over $2000 within the first couple days. Do yourself a favor and contact Mike@Reimbursemenow.com. This could be be extra money you need for Q4.

Jason Arnold

I looked at my account last night, and see you have been hard at work.  I’m really impressed!  I’ve tried and failed to get reimbursements for some of the items you’ve gotten reimbursements on.  I really am impressed!  Not sure what the difference was – but thank you very much

Charlotte Worrell

Mike has also done reimbursements for me and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend!

Brenna Williams

Duane, thanks for recommending Mike at Reimburse Me Now, he did a great job!!

Linda Towne

Hi Mike, I have received a nice amount from the reimbursements that you guys sent and I am truly grateful

Terence Curry

I’m so glad I found you! Your service is awesome!

Sharon Watts

Hi Mike,

First thank you so much. I was very pleased with the end result. I knew I had money to be retrieved but sure didn’t expect over 3k so that was a nice email to wake up to! Keep up the great work.

Casey Hochstetler

Hi Mike,

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your service. I woke up this morning to a reimbursement email from Amazon for $777.30! Wow! I would have never had the time to follow up on all these reimbursements myself. This service is saving me a ton of time and money. I’ve recommended you to about 40 people in a couple of my mastermind groups. I hope it brings you more business.

Cassie Baskett

I’m ecstatic with all the money you got me!

Stacy Harlow

It is a bargain. It is money I never even realized I had.

Cathy Tomlinson

Shout out to Mike Bill’s service reimbursemenow.com I joined after Andy’s post about this and Mike responded very quickly. He did the work to have my business reimbursed for items I had no idea I could get my money back for. I encourage those who haven’t had a chance to look into that to do so.

Amy Hambrick Pierce

Mike Bill just finished handling my reimbursements Amazon owed me and I could not be happier. I was able to be completely hands off while Mike was taking care of something that needed to be done long ago. The reimbursements Mike was able to get for me could not have come at a better time. Thanks so much Mike!

Carol Garrison

Amazon has time limits of how far back they will go to reimburse you, so every day you wait is another day of lost reimbursements.